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Finding a job as an expat in Prague

od Jeanek, 18. září 2015

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Jeanek (Profil uživatele) 18. září 2015 3:45:26

Greetings to all of you mluvtecesky.net users.

No post yet? Well, let's officially open the ball!

I will be moving to Prague in 2016 and I would be very interested to know if anyone has insights for expats looking for a job there? My mother tongue is french, but I also speak english. I have lots of experience in customer service, but I do not master the basics of the czech language yet.

Where should I look first? Are there any websites that could help? Any other expats that once were in my position? Any advice would be much appreciated.


dovgych (Profil uživatele) 4. listopadu 2015 20:48:03

On facebook StartupJobs is very announcement for you. There is many informacion on english. cood luck

LeesaJohnson (Profil uživatele) 14. března 2017 11:03:20

As you are looking to learn the Czech language I will advise you to look an online teacher who can help you with the Czech language.

akozsinan (Profil uživatele) 3. října 2017 20:10:12

Thanks for the tips dovgych

kavyasharma (Profil uživatele) 6. ledna 2018 10:31:05

Tato zpráva byla odebrána.