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Is it good to have a tuition for learning Czech language or Can learn online with the help of videos?

od LeesaJohnson, 15. března 2017

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LeesaJohnson (Profil uživatele) 15. března 2017 8:40:23

What do you think?

LeesaJohnson (Profil uživatele) 20. března 2017 9:20:05

Do you think it's good to have Czech tuition?

maliee (Profil uživatele) 21. března 2017 19:46:44

I think it's easier to learn language in school, because you are following some prepared program and you don't need to be self-disciplined. I'm learning by myself already 1,5 year with brakes (I'm not self-disciplined:) ) I have czech boyfriend and I'm quite good in speaking czech. Unfortunately i have problem with grammar, because i'm not making enough exercise.

LeesaJohnson (Profil uživatele) 31. března 2017 10:12:11

Yes, it's true that one can learn in the school itself but some students an external support to do better in their learning process so they can get helped by external Czech tuition classes.

lorest72 (Profil uživatele) 4. dubna 2017 14:46:20

Hi !
i'm learning czech from on line course, but i think it could be so cool have videos!!!
cau from Italy :-)

LeesaJohnson (Profil uživatele) 12. dubna 2017 9:17:10

Yes, you are correct videos are more beneficial because you can watch, listen and it's too important to know the correct accent and pronunciation.

a10games (Profil uživatele) 8. června 2017 3:28:38

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colourswitch (Profil uživatele) 30. června 2017 8:43:12

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max_wonder (Profil uživatele) 18. září 2017 22:15:02

Is there anyone willing to practice together?

Anisha (Profil uživatele) 7. října 2017 9:25:44

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