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Language used in daily life....

od LeesaJohnson, 5. května 2017

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LeesaJohnson (Profil uživatele) 5. května 2017 10:30:44

I want to know that how many people use some other language than mother language in their daily life. It can be any language like Farsi, Czech, German or any language which you use it.

ronaldlee (Profil uživatele) 10. června 2017 6:55:01

o agreed with you but mostly users use English language first

happywheels (Profil uživatele) 1. srpna 2017 2:06:42

Tato zpráva byla odebrána.

dhinchakpooja (Profil uživatele) 4. srpna 2017 8:20:47

Tato zpráva byla odebrána.

Omenter (Profil uživatele) 21. září 2017 9:54:48

In Czech i speak in Polish language :) Its little similar, but also speak in English :)