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Health Care

Health Insurance for Foreigners

Persons with Permanent Residence in the Czech Republic

According to Czech law, every person who has permanent residence in the Czech Republic has compulsory health insurance, i.e. even a foreigner, unless by European regulations he/she is not subject to the legislation of another state of EU / EEA / Switzerland. For these people, health insurance starts by obtaining permanent residence in the Czech Republic and terminates when the insured person dies or is declared dead or by termination of permanent residence in the Czech Republic.

Individuals without Permanent Residence Permission in the Czech Republic

  1. Foreigners from outside the EU / EEA / Switzerland without permanent residence can be a participant of public health insurance in the Czech Republic according to law as an employee of an employer who has a registered address or permanent residence in the Czech Republic, or when he/she fulfills the criteria embodied in the European regulations (e.g. he/she is a dependent family member of a breadwinner insured according to the Czech public health insurance regulations), or he/she is a citizen of one of the states with which the Czech Republic has concluded an international social security agreement, which also regulates the area of health insurance (a list of these contracts can be found at, in the section Mezinárodní smlouvy).

    As well as the onset and termination of employment of other employees, the employer is obliged to inform the health insurance company about the beginning and termination of participation in health insurance of an employee who is a foreigner without permanent residence. Health insurance company issues a card of a green color for the insured person. Other persons who enter into the public health insurance system for some other reason, will be given a card of a yellow colour or a typical EHIC (European Health Insurance Card).

    A foreigner without a permanent residence can take out contractual health insurance for months when he/she is not participating in public health insurance because of his/her employment.

  2. A foreigner from the EU, EEA and Switzerland without permanent residence in the Czech Republic can be participating in Czech public health insurance system - because of his/her employment or based on European regulations (e.g. as a self-employed person pursuing self-employment only in the Czech Republic, a dependent family members of a person of the EU which works in the Czech Republic, and in exceptional cases, an economically inactive individuals that adequately prove the actual place of residence and the center of their interests in the Czech Republic, etc.).

Special Situations

In some special situations, legally defined groups of people are considered foreigners with permanent residence permission. They are:

  • refugees for the duration of asylum decisions,
  • children born to refugees, for a period before deciding on asylum or another type of residence of the child,
  • foreigners placed into the custody by a decision of a competent authority, if at least one individual with whom the foreigner is placed in a custody is registered for permanent residence in the Czech Republic or the institution in which the child is placed is in the Czech Republic,
  • children of foreigners from their birth until the decision on a residence permission, if their parents have permanent residence and submit an application for a child residence permission within the legal limit
  • foreigners being under temporary protection,
  • foreigners who are not granted asylum with the obstacle to leave the country under the Asylum Act; the foreigner will be granted a visa to stay for up to 90 days by the police, which entitles him/her to reside in the territory for a period of 15 working days from the date of the visa issued,
  • foreigners who have been granted a tolerated stay visa for over 90 days in the cases referred to in Section 32, Subsection 2 of the Act on the Residence of Foreigners, as last amended (e.g. if an obstacle to leave the country is independent to his/her will); the visa validity time is provided by the police for the necessary period, for a maximum period of 1 year,
  • foreigners who have been granted permanent residence permission for tolerated stay if their stay in the territory will be longer than one year and if the reasons for which a visa for over 90 days for tolerated stay were issued are still lasting.

Source: General Health Insurance Company