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Study of Medicine in the Czech Republic

Universities in the Czech Republic are public, state (military or police) or private.

Study programs:

  • Bachelor's degree
    usually a three-year study, four maximum
    Bc. - Bachelor
    BcA. - Bachelor of Arts
  • Master's degree
    follows the Bachelor's program and length of study varies from one to three years
    Mgr. - Master
    Ing. - Engineer (in the field of economics, technical sciences and technology, agriculture, forestry and military)
    Ing. arch - Engineer Architect (in architecture)
    MUDr. - Doctor of Medicine
    MDDr. – Doctor of Dentistry
    MVDr. - Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (in veterinary medicine and hygiene)
    MgA. - Master of Arts (in Art)
  • Doctoral studies
    the standard length of study is three years
    Ph.D. - Doctor
    Th.D. - Doctor of Theology

The form of study can be daily, distant or combined (combination of both previous forms).

Study of Medicine

Studying medicine in the Czech Republic has a long tradition. It is at a high professional level and attracts many students from abroad due to the favorable cost of tuition (for studies in languages other than Czech).

Most foreign students of medicine in the Czech Republic come from the USA, Canada, UK, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Israel, Malaysia, Nigeria and other countries.

In the Czech Republic it is possible to study medicine at eight faculties of four universities: Charles University in Prague (1st Faculty of Medicine, 2nd Faculty of Medicine, 3rd Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine in Hradec Králové, Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen), Masaryk University (Faculty of Medicine), Palacky University in Olomouc (Faculty of Medicine) and the University of Ostrava (Faculty of Medicine).

The length of the study varies depending on the chosen field. The study of General Medicine takes 6 years plus the period of board certification in the chosen field. The shortest board certification is for general medicine (3 years), specialized fields such as neurosurgery or heart surgery take the longest time (7 years). Specialized training ends with the board examination.

Entrance examination

Completion of secondary or vocational secondary education is required for admission, as well as a completed application, paid admission fee and passing the entrance examination. The entrance examination varies according to the faculty. Most often the applicant must take a written test in biology, chemistry and physics, a general test of prerequisites for study and then in the second round an oral interview. Some faculties also allow admission without entrance examination; the conditions for this include graduating from high school in the Czech Republic, passing finals in the subject of Czech, excellent grades from high school, etc.


If a foreigner resides in the Czech Republic for more than three months (for " study purposes"), they must have a residency permit (visa). Students who are not from EU countries, Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein and Switzerland, are also required to have a valid visa.

At state and public schools foreign students may study:

  • in Czech - under the same conditions as Czech citizens, but at the entrance exams they may be required to demonstrate adequate knowledge of Czech; study is free
  • study in languages other than Czech must be paid (according to § 58 of the Higher Education Act), tuition fees are set by the schools themselves

Charles University offers Bachelor's, Master's and PhD study programs in English. All faculties of medicine offer a six-year program in "General Medicine" in English. The 1st Medical Faculty in Prague, Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen and the Faculty of Medicine in Hradec Králové also offer a five-year study program in "Dentistry" in English. More information about these programs, entrance exams, study conditions, etc. can be found in the brochure Bachelor's & Master's Study Programs in English.

The Faculty of Medicine at Masaryk University, offers two study programs in English - General Medicine and Dentistry. The titles MUDr. / MDDr. are fully accepted in EU countries, the USA and many other countries. Completed secondary education and passing an entrance examination consisting of a written test of biology, chemistry and physics or mathematics are required for admission.

The entrance examination at the Faculty of Medicine, Masaryk University, can be taken abroad as well - in 2014 it was, for example, in Vienna and Nottingham. Applicants can apply for this option in many other countries as well. For more information see:

(For information about entrance examination at other faculties of universities in the Czech Republic, see Useful Links below.)

At private universities tuition fees are paid by all students, both foreigners and citizens of the Czech Republic.

Preparatory courses of Czech

Preparatory courses of Czech are offered by some colleges to those foreign students interested in studying Czech . Specialized Czech preparatory courses for applicants to study medicine and natural sciences are offered by the Institute for Language and Preparatory Studies (ÚJOP), which is part of the Charles University in Prague. The course is designed not only for applicants to medical fields at Charles University (and its faculties in Prague, Plzen and Hradec Králové) but also at the Masaryk University or the University of Olomouc.

ÚJOP organizes different types of Czech courses for foreigners (online courses + annual / semester / summer / individual courses, etc.), the possibility to pass certified examinations in the Czech language, and annual preparatory university courses for foreigners.

For students interested in studying Czech, an annual intensive Czech language course is designated at a language center in Mariánské lázně. Students learn Czech intensely, and professional subjects from which the applicants will pass the entrance examination are gradually added - biology, physics and chemistry. More information about the courses can be found at ÚJOP website.

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